Friday, December 22, 2023


 Journaling, creative writing, mindful refection, all different ways of being able to get all of the amazing wonderful conditions of your life out of your head.  It is a way to reflect and be intentional about who are and where you would like to be in life.

Adopting a practice of writing on a regular basis can help in aiding you to find healing in your life, AND it can help you to create the life that you hope to be living.  It is not magic, but it will help you to recognize and manifest the parts of your life that you would like to see bloom and blossom.

It can be fun and easy.  Start with a few prompts like ...

1 - Set a timer to 5 minutes and write whatever comes out of your head.

2 - Think of a childhood happy memory and write down all the details you can remember.  Try it with phrases or full sentences. 

3 - fill a page (or two) with the things you are grateful for from the past 24 hours.

4 - make a note of how you are feeling physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually... how does that change?  or not?

write it down, write a few times a week, note what comes up on a regular basis.  How do you feel about what you are seeing on the page?  How can you be intentional about owning your life journey?