Friday, March 14, 2014


I have been thinking a lot about wisdom lately.

The thought
Be Wise
sometimes it seems like an imperative - like the fate of the world is riding on my shoulders
sometimes it seems like a quiet whisper, a prayer - a call of hope to move forward
a soft nudge or a strong pull -
however it moves or sounds the one thing I have discovered is most certainly consistent about wisdom
 it does not rush.

Those thoughts bother me.  I believe them to be true - but lately I have felt very rushed - pulled in many directions.  It is no wonder to me that people have been talking more about ways to live simply...our world pulls and tugs at us - calling us to do more and at faster speeds.

Did you know that the 40 hour work week was not even a thing until 1926 when Henry Ford started giving his workers more leisure time.  And instead of having less production there was more!  Less than a century later the hours of a "productive" work week have creeped back into our lives.  And then to try to keep up with the offerings of recreation activities, and yoga, and meditation, and eating well, and  . . . no wonder we  feel rushed.

But wisdom moves slow - and maybe it would be wise for us to do the same, without shame.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Practice and Purpose

When I was young my parents made my sister and I take piano lessons.  I am not sure if it was ever really a choice.  Not that I minded, but I am not sure I would have been inclined to continue if I knew it was a choice.  Not only did we have lessons, but in my house we were required to practice at least 30 minutes a day.  I didn't mind being able to play the piano - I didn't even mind practicing (although I played only the things that I liked and didn't work on the assignments as much as I should have).  However, I know I complained about having to practice when I really wanted to be outside, or watch T.V. or talk on the phone . . . but the timer was set and off I went.

I really liked my piano teacher.  She was kind and helpful.  She may have scolded us for not practicing more, but I always felt like she liked me.  Plus she had a cat and a dog and games to play while you waited for your turn.

One of the things about her little piano room (which held 2 upright pianos) was a sign that sat on one piano which said -

"Practice does not make perfect. 
Practice makes habit. 
Only perfect practice makes perfect."  

For a long time I have mulled over that statement.  I have always believed it to be true.  And sometimes that can feel very heavy.  It is only recently that I have begun to question perfection.  I wonder perfection is not what I have made it out to be in the past.

Bear with me on this one...One of the things that I did get scolded for in piano was that I liked to improvise.  My teacher would say "Erin, first you need to learn how to play what is written - and then you can make it your own."  Maybe that is more what perfection is about.

As a healer and a pastor I believe that we are all created perfectly.  When we learn what God has written in our body, our soul, our mind, our spirit,  then we can make it our own.  Maybe then - Perfection is living out our Purpose...But first we have to learn what is written.  And our community and our experiences make a big impact on that.  Community life plays a very important role in helping us to read ourselves.

And so there is a long explanation to say - it is time get back to the practice.  Practice writing and thinking and moving muscles that I have let go of for awhile.

It is time for me to claim my wisdom and bravery.

So if you are reading this blog, if you follow it - please bear with me.  There will likely be a lot of what one of my colleagues calls "hose spiders"*.  For awhile this may just be for me, but you are welcome to come a long for the writing/thinking/dreaming rehab that I am giving myself.  And I should say that I was particularly inspired to get back into it because of an article from  becoming minimalist (one of the blogs I follow).

there you have it - and here we go!!!

(30 minutes a day of keyboard/blogging)

Peace and Light


*hose spider - the spiders that have crawled into your garden hose over a long winter and come scrambling out when you turn on the water for the first time.  They may or may not make a mess - but they are a little surprising and scary until the hose gets cleaned out.